April 17th, 2014

All Terrain Featured in AdWeek

We are so excited to have been profiled in this week’s edition of adweek. Before giving Adweek a glimpse into what we do here at All Terrain, Co-Founders Sarah & Brook participated in a photo shoot right here in our Chicago office. The photo selected not only perfectly captures their personalities; it also shows off a bit of our culture by featuring our office mascot, Benny the Boxer.

We were able to share a little bit of our background and point-of-view on the new role of data in the Experiential Marketing space with Adweek. We would like to thank them for featuring us in this week’s edition.

To see our profile in Adweek click here.

To learn more about who we are and what we’re all about, visit our website at www.allterrain.net.

April 10th, 2014

Cleveland Indians Fans Introduced to Black Widow’s Ride during Launch of All Terrain’s 7th Season Bringing Chevrolet to MLB Stadiums

Aside from the usual commotion that comes with preparing teams in twelve markets to start a six month campaign, our Chevy Field Team in Cleveland had the unique opportunity to start the season with a special emphasis. To celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which was filmed in Cleveland, our team was tasked with preparing and displaying 28 Corvette Stingrays, in and around Progressive Field. Not only did this take an even higher level of coordination then a normal opening-day program, but it seemed like everyone at the ballpark was interested in seeing Black Widow’s ride, a 2014 Black (obviously) Corvette Stingray. According to Field Marketing Manager Paul, “Despite a few rain drops the team was able to collect more consumer data leads at this year’s opening day than ever before. It was great the see the strategy come alive as the excitement around having the Stingrays was obvious throughout the stadium. All over Indians fans were making the connection between Chevrolet, Cleveland Indians Baseball and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

Through our work with General Motors, All Terrain is responsible for managing Chevrolet’s presence at twelve Major League Baseball stadiums across the country. This is both one of our longest standing campaigns as well as the one that lets us know spring is right around the corner (even though it was 44° and windy here in Chicago for the Cubs’ opening day).

Every year it seems opening day arrives earlier and earlier. That’s the sentiment of our General Motors Account Team as they return from successfully launching yet another year of activations at MLB stadiums across the country.

To learn more about our work with General Motors and our other clients visit our website at www.allterrain.net.

March 26th, 2014

What We’re Trending On: Lollapalooza Announces 2014 Lineup


If your office is anything like ours there’s a certain buzz every year when our friends at C3 Presents announce the lineup for Lollapalooza, the annual 3-day music festival held right here in Chicago. Maybe it’s because this year reminds us that summer really has to be right around the corner, or because we’re just anxious to see if any of our new or longstanding favorite acts will be performing. Either way, today our office has been buzzing about the newly released lineup. In a quick poll we can safely say All Terrainers are excited by the list of this year’s acts, especially the reemergence of OutKast, local Chicagoan Chance the Rapper and personal friends of All Terrain GroupLove.

As Marketers, we’re excited to see who else in the lineup is able to emerge as a must-see between now and August. We’re also excited to see which brands at Lollapalooza are able to become a must-see as well by capturing the attention of festival-goers, particularly those ever challenging Millennials

After last summer’s festival we shared some key learnings with WOMMA through a guest blog post from our Co-Founder & CMO Brook Jay.  We’re curious to see which lessons carry over to this year and which trends become headliners in the ever-growing competition to bring the best marketing act to the festival landscape.

March 21st, 2014

All Terrain Joins The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and United Airlines in Presenting Keynote Address at Chicago AMA BrandSmart Conference


What a great day Thursday, March 20th was for All Terrain. We had the pleasure of joining other innovative marketing leaders from a multitude of brands and agencies like: Progressive Insurance, Kraft Foods, Morningstar Inc. and Cabot Creamery in speaking at the Chicago AMA’s 2014 BrandSmart Conference.

The day began for us by presenting a keynote address with our fabulous partners at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and United Airlines. Representatives from United as well as The Cosmopolitan joined our own Co-founder and CMO and Brook Jay on stage for a discussion on how we created a new way to tell the Cosmopolitan’s story. The crowd was engaged and actively involved throughout the entire presentation. Our story began by our audience experiencing the wonderful service United provides on all of its flights; attendees were greeted by United Airlines Flight Attendants passing out United Wings. We set the mood with a voiceover, welcoming the audience in much the same way a Captain welcomes passengers aboard a United flight. After a wonderful introduction from the Chicago AMA, we quickly began to tell the story of how we facilitated bringing The Cosmopolitan onboard United flights bound for Las Vegas (more of that story can be found here). After providing some background into The Cosmopolitan story, we walked through the process and hurdles that were faced getting The Cosmopolitan’s gift onboard. We then engaged the audience in a very productive Q&A with members of the audience who were interested in how we were able to bring such a unique program to life and the results we’ve seen to date.  We wrapped up by surprising our audience with their own gift box delivered by the United Flight Attendants. One of these gift boxes contained a special sticker, the recipient of which won a two night stay at The Cosmopolitan.

Following lunch, Brook returned to the stage to participate in an agency only panel, along with Cathy Francque from Ogilvy (http://www.ogilvy.com/) and Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media (http://www.orbitmedia.com/). Focusing on best practices in brand storytelling, each participant brought their own unique perspective as they walked through their approach to telling the stories of their clients’ brands and how that may differ from creating content marketing pieces. It was truly a great experience to hear how each agency approaches this evolving challenge.

Overall, the day was a wonderful opportunity for some of our team to hear what other brands and agencies are doing. We at All Terrain appreciated the chance to participate in this great event as part of our continuing partnership with the Chicago AMA.


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